CFP: Law, Ethics and Philosophy (LEAP) new journal by Marcial Pons

Law, Ethics and Philosophy (LEAP) is a new peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to work in ethics, legal theory, and social and political philosophy. It welcomes clear, rigorous and original submissions addressing concrete issues of public concern as well as more abstract theoretical questions. It also has the distinctive aims of (a) fostering work drawing on a variety of disciplines within the social and natural sciences, including biology, economics, history, and psychology; and (b) promoting dialogue between the Anglophone and non-Anglophone worlds.
We invite submissions of articles up to 10,000 words, discussion notes up to 5,000 words, and replies and exchanges not exceeding 3,000 words. All published submissions will be subject to double blind review, and the journal will notify authors of submitted pieces about the progress of their submission within six weeks.
Although LEAP accepts exclusively submissions in English the journal strongly encourages submissions from authors who also write in languages other than English, and will always strive to ensure that their work is assessed on the basis of its content and not primarily its mode of expression. Where necessary the editorial process provides such authors with guidance regarding matters of English style. The journal is published digitally by Marcial Pons, the leading publisher of analytical legal philosophy in the Spanish-speaking world.
Volume I will include articles by Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Thomas Pogge, and Michael Smith, and be an open-access sample publication.
Submission Guidelines
Submission of a manuscript to LEAP is understood to imply that the manuscript is offered for first publication in LEAP and that no version is under consideration by any other journal or publisher. This guideline does not rule out submissions published as working papers or posted electronically on the author’s personal website or for circulation at a conference.
Papers should be submitted as WORD or PDF documents and composed in a twelve point font. First submissions should not contain acknowledgements or any information that could identify the author to reviewers. Submissions should also be edited carefully to contain no more words than necessary.
Papers should be accompanied by a separate WORD or PDF document containing a title and word count, an abstract of less than 250 words, five keywords, the author’s contact details and affiliation, and a short biographical note. The accompanying document should also contain any material withheld from the paper to preserve anonymity.
All submissions should be sent to: Enquiries regarding the journal may be directed to:

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