Resource: The JusticeGap beginners’ guide to court reporting

The overriding responsibility of a judge is to ensure that proceedings in court are conducted consistently with the proper administration of justice, and to avoid any improper interference with its processes. A fundamental aspect of that proper administration is the principle of open justice – fair and accurate reporting of court proceedings forms part of that principle’.

With a little preparation it is perfectly possible for a member of the public to report on a court case. You can even these days report live from court, but there are a few dos and don’ts to avoid falling foul of the judge and the laws of contempt.

This guide has been written to give you an understanding of some of those ‘dos and don’ts’. It cannot be comprehensive, but reading the guidance and links, and employing good commonsense should help you to take part in ‘Open justice’ project – ordinary people writing, blogging, and tweeting from Magistrates’, Crown, coroner’s and even the High Court.


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