Job: Fellowship positions in the LOEWE Research Focus “Extrajudicial and Judicial Conflict Resolution”

Fellowship positions with a minimum duration of one month and a maximum duration of six months are to be filled successively up to and including 31.12.2014. Remuneration shall be in accordance with the provisions of the wage agreement at the Goethe University (max. TV-GU V3).

The LOEWE Research Focus is an interdisciplinary group research project, financed by the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, the Max-Planck-Institute for European Legal History and the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main. It is supported by the State of Hessen’s Offensive for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence (“Hessische Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz” – LOEWE). Its central concern is interdisciplinary and international analysis of conflicts, conflict activities and conflict resolution from a comparative, intercultural and diachronic perspective. The ultimate aim is to develop models, types and modes of conflict and conflict resolution, in order to create the foundation for the formation of historically and empirically based theories in conflict research.

Requirements and role:
The applicant will have completed post-doctoral studies in Law, History, Chinese Studies or a related discipline or hold a comparable qualification, or have many years of relevant professional experience making him/her verifiably qualified in the field of extrajudicial or judicial dispute resolution.

He/she will complete a research project in the topic area of the LOEWE Research Focus independently, hold a public presentation of his/her project during the period of the fellowship and is obligated to publish his/her research in a relevant publication by 31.12.2014. Participation in all events held by the LOEWE Research Focus and in particular constructive assistance with graduate support in the LOEWE Research Focus throughout the fellowship period are required. Applicants for fellowships lasting over three months are expected to offer their own course (2 hours a week during the semester, seminar/lecture). There is a residency obligation.

The LOEWE Research Focus “Extrajudicial and Judicial Conflict Resolution” attempts to employ a balanced proportion of female staff. We therefore particularly encourage women to apply.

Furthermore, the LOEWE Research Focus “Extrajudicial and Judicial Conflict Resolution” makes efforts to employ severely disabled people. We explicitly hope to receive applications from the severely disabled.

For more information on the LOEWE Research Focus, please contact Mr Andreas Karg, Managing Director of the LOEWE Research Focus (, and visit our website:

Please send your application, including the usual documentation and an exposé of your research project, no later than 1.03.2014 to the office of the LOEWEResearch Focus.

Contact: Geschäftsstelle des LOEWE-Schwerpunkts “Außergerichtliche und gerichtliche Konfliktlösung”z.Hd. Herrn Andreas Karg


Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität

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