CFP: Self, Culture and Justice (Taiwan)

This is an international and interdisciplinary conference to be held at Fo Guang University, Taiwan, on 9-11 January 2013.

Please email a 150-word abstract to Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti <>.

Date of proposal acceptance: One week after the proposal is submitted.

Suggested subtopics:

Self & No Self; Personal Identity; Self as Continuum, as Flux or as Stream of Consciousness; Social Self; Self & Absolute; Process Theology; I & Thou; Cultural Self; Identity; Personal Immortality; Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science; Global Justice; Criminal Justice; Globalization; Secularization & Future of Religion; Atheism & Values; Marx & Freud, Anti-Globalization Movements; Consumerism & Ethical Values; Socialism; Capitalism; Compassion & Perfectionist Ethics; Human Rights & Justice; Animal Rights; Mediation & Peace; Nonviolence of the Brave; Noncooperation as a Form of Nonviolence;
Culture of Nonviolence; Merciless Justice; Social Justice; Liberal Democracy; Enlightened Anarchy; Politics & Morals; Global Market &Values; Globalization & Environment; Ecology; Cosmology & Teleology.

The above list is suggestive and not exhaustive.

Please email a 150-word abstract to Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti <>.

Selected papers from the conference will be published (Journal of International and Interdisciplinary Studies / Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion).

Advisory Board Members:

Kisor Chakrabarti (USA), Linda B. Elder (USA), Gordon Haist (USA), Rajani Jairam (India), Robin Kar (USA), Elizabeth Koldzak (Poland), Tommi Lehtonen (Finland), Simi Malhotra (India), Maria Marczewska (Poland), JoAnne Myers (USA), Eve Mullen (USA), Rizwan Rahman (India), Andrew Ward (UK)

Sponsored by:

Department of Foreign Languages & Cultures, Fo Guang University

Co-Sponsored by:

The College of Humanities, Fo Guang University
The Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion


1. Books and papers: Magnus Publications
2. Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion
3. Interdisciplinary Journal

Papers from our last four conferences have been published by Cambridge Scholars Press and Magnus Publications


Revisiting Mysticism
Politics of War
Politics, Pluralism and Religion
Spirituality and Morality in the Contemporary World
After Secularization: A Philosophical Study of the Preconditions of Religion
Some Central Topics in Hinduism
Introduction to Hinduism and Buddhism

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