Internships: American Legal Practice Internship Programme by Birmingham City University

The Law School’s Centre for American Legal Studies operates the UK’s largest student internship programme to the USA. The programme was established in 1994 and to date we have placed over 500 students in Federal and State Public Defender offices, private attorney offices, American University Law Schools, law projects and organisations across the USA, from New York City to West Texas and San Francisco.

Undergraduate placements last for between six and eight weeks, and count as a fully accredited part of the LLB degree. Postgraduate internships last between three and six months.

Successful applicants work with attorneys who represent indigent clients – those who cannot afford to pay for legal representation and are reliant on free help. The majority of internships are in offices engaged in Death Row work, although some deal with general criminal matters or civil litigation.

Students have the opportunity to receive academic credit for their internship. Every year our students are commended for their hard working attitude and excellent practical skills, and the Law School is proud not only of them but also the programme’s ability to unleash this potential.

The internship programme provides a unique opportunity for students to excel as academics and potential practitioners, by providing an environment where they can put their legal knowledge into practice and simultaneously experience the dynamics of real life in the legal profession. It is a priceless addition to any CV.

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