Workshop: Law and Language (Marmor, Endicott&Soames), Edinburgh Spring Legal Theory Festival (29.05)

It is widely accepted that the content of a law is partly constituted by its linguistic expression. However, in an important class of cases, there seems to be gap between (1) the meaning of relevant formulation of a law and (2) its (correct) application in a particular context. Interpretation is an important process by which we close that gap and resolve indeterminacies inherent in the expression of laws in a natural language. This workshop explores the relationship between law and language, and in particular the role that the intention of the law-maker(s) should play in the interpretative process.

Workshop programme
Wednesday 29 May, 2 – 3.45pm

Speaker: Prof. Andrei Marmor (University of South California): `Meaning and Belief in Constitutional Interpretation`
Discussant: Prof. Neil Walker (Edinburgh)
Thursday 30 May, 2-5.30pm
Speaker 1: Prof. Timothy Endicott (Oxford): `Interpretation and the Intention of an Author`
Discussant: Dr. Claudio Michelon (Edinburgh)
Speaker 2: Prof. Scott Soames (University of South California): `Two Dimensions of Originalist Interpretation`
Discussant: Prof. Stephen Tierney (Edinburgh)
Wednesday 29 May, 2 – 3.45pm; and Thursday, 30th May, 14.00 – 17.30
Moot Court Room, Old College
Organizer: Martin Kelly

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